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I never gave this much thought when I was younger. My parents would always talk about their ancestors and where they came from and all the hardships they endured. Now I wish I had paid more attention to their stories and written it down.
After looking up my roots on, I couldn't believe the history I came from. It was far more than my parents ever told me.
I learned that I come from a very long line of fighters and survivors that fought with William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Others fought with and assisted William the Conqueror. Some were Palatine Germans.
I learned that my ancestors have fought every war in this country, and foreign, since the Revolutionary War. Some came as indentured servants and political or religious refugees. My 7th great grandfather and his brother made over 30 transatlantic trips in tall ships bringing new settlers to America.
When I get tired and disgusted with life as it is, and want to give up, I just think about it and can fall back on the fact that that is not what my ancestors fought and died for.
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