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In discussing disaster preparedness, recovery, bugging out, etc, I find that a lot of people have vastly different plans. They range from seasonal weather issues that impact a local or regional area (think snow storms, flooding, hurricanes) that take out all services and leave shelters damaged, to droughts and economic hardships that impact a much larger area but only decrease food, increase cost and spike crime, to a full on mutated weaponized biological warfare virus outbreak that makes 1 in 8 turn into a brain munching zombie.

It seems each persons prep depends on what situation they think is most probable so asking the simple question - bug out or bug in - becomes a huge discussion because you start ant the end and then work back into the beginning.

I've long been a fan of the Jeff Cooper Color Code for threat awareness.

I was wondering, is there a coding system for disaster preparedness? Something like the TSA Travel System, Defcon System, Cooper Color Code, Hurricane Grading System?

I'm looking for a:
Condition Green - All systems normal, no need for prep.
Condition Blue - Temporary power outage due to thunderstorm, no need for prep but stay aware.
Condition Purple - Massive storm power out for days - bug in.
Condition Turquoise - The Dominican Republic just invaded BUG OUT BUG OUT!

(Note - Not picking on the DR. Just selecting a country that poses no threat of mainland invasion)

Is there anything that would help me organize and prioritize my prep based on some sort of predefined disaster level?

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We have a plan. More of signs of what is going on rather than a set color code.
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