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Dehydrated Corn on the cheap

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Instead of using frozen corn for dehydrating we decided to try some canned corn. A #10 can was $3.48 for 6 pounds at our local warehouse store. Almost half the cost of frozen corn.

We did rinse the corn to remove the starchy water.

Approximately 1 pound per tray


6 pounds of corn in a 1 quart jar, ready for vacuuming.
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Sun isn't at important as wind. The sun can destroy a lot of nutrients. So depending on what you're drying, sun might not be advisable. I did do this however with some cooked pinto beans. Why dehydrate beans you ask? Well, I work away from home outside except in the winter months. I'm prepping now to be on the road until October. If I cook my beans or rice ahead of time, then dehydrate them, I can actually re-hydrate them in a black or metal container with some water and seasonings, in my car on the dash from the sun or quickly cook over a rocket stove if the weather isn't cooperating. It saves a ton of money.
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