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unorthadox? Im Catholic!!!!!
Ok, picture 1 is the "E.R" bars and my alcohol for the evening.
Picture 2 is my homemade boxjerky fan, on top of the laundry basket..
picture 3 is another slug of "buzzballs", has anyone tried them?
And finally picture 4 is the jerky placed on filters, the deli girl did a good job of slicing the meat, so that the fat will trim off easy, instead of having fat everywhere, its faster to cut for me.
Unfortunately, this batch of teriaki beef for Jaye did exactly what my last batch did, it seems that store baught teriaki marinade wont compltely dry to my liking, I was being lazy and didn't make my own, and it seems "to moist", so I couldn't gaurantee the results.
Of course I sample tested it, but For boxfan jerky, I like to make it extremely dry, theres no heat involved, so I abandoned this whole batch, and the dogs love it.
Sorry Jaye, when I return from vacation, I will make you a proper batch, and give extra since I have been lazy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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