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Deal Alert (Mountain House)

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Mountain House 30-Day Pack

Costco Mountain House 30 day pack - $499 shipped to your front door. Deal good through 1/29

These pouches retail for $12 each, and you get them for $5.50 each in this deal. Very impressive. The flavors are decent too, not the unpopular ones.

Shipping was fast too. Ordered on the 23rd, just arrived.

Wood Font Rectangle Packaging and labeling Box

Font Rectangle Material property Signage Label

Font Rectangle Parallel Signage Wood

Font Material property Rectangle Parallel Paper

Font Rectangle Signage Parallel Label

Font Rectangle Material property Signage Label

Font Rectangle Material property Signage Label

Font Rectangle Material property Parallel Paper
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I have been price comparing MH and other freeze-dried products since prior to the Pandemic, Trihonda, your find is a diamond in the rough. That is by far the lowest priced MH combo that I have ever seen for a package deal.

I have not seen prices lower than that ( for single package items) since October 28, 2021 when I picked up those

for $3.98 per pouch, they are now going for $76 for 6 at that same place, which is ~$52 more than what I paid for mine back then. $5.50 a pouch now with inflation is approximately same price I paid for mine. Great find Trihonda.

Wish M.H. made bundled deals for those of us that no longer could eat red meat, as I would jump at the opportunity to get a 30 day setup like yours. The Biscuits & gravy barely has any pork in it which is why I was able to buy it, as it is more just added for flavoring, anyway, who doesn't love $h!! on a shingle.

Only curious, does that $499 include tax or shipping? even if it didn't include Tax & S&H, it is still an amazing deal either way.
i didn’t pay shipping.
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