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We don't have as many "cowboys" here in Ohio, . . . so ours is a "Community" church with the exact same dress code, . . . and an affinity for the old ballad/gospel type songs.

Several of us could be accused of looking "cowboyish" in our attire, . . . but unfortunately we live in an area where we are "all hat and no cattle". But I still love my big grey hat I bought out in Big Spring, Tx a few years back. Fellow I met up in Wisconsin (he was from Montana) called it a "Big Sky" hat.

I also used to do an annual service at a local county fairground, . . . they would have a weekend of "cow penning" competition, . . . but Sunday morning at 9 was service time, . . . it was really fun to see 30, 40, or 50 people up in the bleachers, . . . and sometimes a few behind me on horseback, . . . knowing we all came together to worship the Lord.

Thanks, Montana, for the update, . . . "keep lookin' up".

May God bless,
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