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What are you strategies?

Seems like everytime I go into Kroger, I take a few coupons with me and I end up not knowing how to read the receipt, or they have charged me more on something else that was supposed to be on sale. From my understanding, Kroger is supposed to give you the item FREE if they put something on sale and it rings up different at the register. I found this info on Krogers website. Although my local Kroger service desk high school kids make it a big issue if I return something that was mispriced, I have not yet tried the "hey, krogers policies state I get this free now".

Also, Krogers "load your kroger card" does not work, at least with my store it doesn't. I "loaded" the online coupons to my card and it said to wait 24 hours, which I waited 2 days instead, went in, bought a can of that wolf chili marked at $1.25. the loaded coupon was supposed to take .25 cents off. It never did. I was charged the full amount. I even only bought 1 can so I could read their crappy receipt correctly. My local Kroger also does not double coupons if they are over 50 cents.
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