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There is nothing worse then eating poorly during a disaster situation! It adds to the stress and general un-enjoyment of the situation Nothing beats chowing down on some comfort food, to help you stay on the run from the zombie hoard!

Now you too can cook and eat well during the upcoming zombie apocalypses and or earthquake! ;-). And we need your help!

Check out our Kickstarter campaign for "Cooking With Fire: The Disaster Cookbook. It's loaded with all sorts of info on how to cook and eat through any disaster situation and we have some really swell pledge rewards!

Cooking With Fire, The Disaster Cookbook by Hues Graphics ? Kickstarter

Thanks in advance and keep the cooking fire stoked!

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I don't want to eat the fat kid.
Tooo greazy!

Now if there are recipes for cat, rat, bat.
Mmmm..... Tastes like... um.... bacon :idea:
First of all I must preface my response with these facts. Most all of the animals we consume that taste really good are herbivoirs. Most carnivoirs like tiger's taste like sh*t. Now as omnivoirs we humans must taste pretty gamey because we'll eat anything. So my solution is to only consume strict vegatarians and the occasional vegan. I'll prolly have some Wise food products on hand in case I come across a sh*tty batch of humans. Oh and some dehydrated astronaut ice cream Mmmmmmmmm. So when the SHTF I may journey to the west coast to top off my freezer. i don't mind if they use medical marijuana, it just means they will be plump and i won't have to lead them so much, plus there will be twinkies in the cupboard. I hear those damn things last forever. To deal with the stringyness I used a dry rub (montreal will do in a pinch) and I split my coals and cook them in the middle. (no direct flame, 7 minutes on each side, perfect medium)


To the OP, you may want to post a howdy greeting or an introduction. Making your first post a solicitation usually gets you less than serious responses... I'm jus sayin...

Welcome to the forum!
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