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Cooking Oil Prep

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While fixing my dinner tonight I realized I didn't have very much cooking oil on hand. Lot's of food stores but not enough oil.

Out of curiosity what types of cooking oil and how much do most of you store?
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I learned to cook without oil..
Oil would also be needed to make soap.

I store two 56oz jugs of coconut oil in my prepper chest freezer. I also keep two of the Sam's Club 35 lb. jugs of peanut oil in my prepper room, which stays dark & 60 degrees. That will be rotated out as we use a fair amount of peanut oil at work having multiple fish fries each year. For longer term, I store both oilseed sunflower seed & oilseed pumpkin seed. Never used it before, but have a Piteba oil press on the shelf. Also would eventually start a dairy operation, to provide milk & butter. Real close to getting a Dexter calf.

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Cooking oil tends to go rancid after about 2-4 years no matter how carefully it's stored although cooler storage will help it last a little longer. Because of this we keep 3 gallons and using a sharpie write the purchase date on each.
Yep, so either rotate your oil stocks every 2 years or simply throw it out & purchase more. Point being, 35 lbs of oil only costs $31 and is not a big expense compared to other prepper items. In my situation, I'll just donate the 2 year old oil to the local Catholic church that provides meals to the poor. Our church assists every few weeks. These folks cook great meals & manage by taking in foods from the local stores that is past their sell by date. Last week when we helped, they served over 100 folks beef ribs, pork BBQ, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, bread & dessert. They trust me to wash the pots & pans. :)
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