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Convert your Springfield XD .40 to 9mm

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Ok, since I purchased the XD .40 with the 9mm barrel and slide assembly, I haven't even used the 9mm conversion kit. I have two matching taurus 9's. I have decided to offer it here, I can try to add pictures tommorrow. Any interested party? Make me an offer, the worst I can do is say no thank you.
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Would have to check. Im thinking it was subcompact. I will take a pic or three, and post today.
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Not sure if it would fit the .45 frame, will do some more erearch, heres a few quick pics.
One thing I found, is that the magazine lips for the .40 and 9mm are very close, only difference I can see on the .40 mag and the 2 9mm magazines is round count, when you load the 9mm's into the .40, you obviuosly get more than the stamped number on back indicated. I have ran many full magazines back to back on the .40. As I said, i haven't even isntalled the 9mm slide onto the weapon yet.
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts