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Hi There are a couple items I am looking for a good source for

#1 is sandbags - these will be used to have dirt/sand filled, for both underground and above ground lining.
#2 is sump or bilge, I need it to be able to pump up a tube.
#3 cement
#4 durable plastic or metal sheeting, I am thinking a composite plastic like the hard durable type used on the molle II backbacks but in thin flat sheets, tiles or boards.

If you are wondering. I'd like to do some underground excavation

] [

sort of sandbag wall on each side, then have the sheeting as roofing.

I want to build some tunnels particularly between my house and my garage (about 6ft apart)
I also want to build some sandbag walls to form a sandbag garage for a camper, the cement is to protect the bags that are above surface.

and a few other pojects. The sump/bilges are for pumping a stangant well out.

Shipping is a major concern as I'm in the middle of Northern Ontario Canada. So far I've found pricing on sandbags at about $250 per 1000.
I havn't found the plastic sheeting anywhere or if it exists, but that plastic is suppose to be stronger than steel so I think it would make a perfect light construction material.

Do Ghillietex Polymer sheets exist?

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Watch your sand bags. They mag some really cheap stuff that's darn near impossible to close off. I've got a link some where when I'm back on the puter

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If you buy sand bags, get the one that are "ultra-violet light protected". Non-protected are designed to decompose in a couple of years. Even the good ones will decompose in 5-6 years. Or bury them.
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