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Community size ?

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So.... I've been thinking again.... Yes.... Dangerous thing ... I know.

Lots of folks talk about having a cabin, homestead, someplace remote that they'll live in and survive the unthinkable.
Or will they? Picture a well built solo homestead. They got all the supplies. Ability to grow food and so on. Now imagine a band of marauders. Maybe 5.... Maybe 10.... They see the homestead and they want the supplies and the women. What do you do? You won't be able to defend against them. Even with help of one or two neighbours you're up the creek with no paddle.

So what's the sweet spot? I started thinking about what is the minimum size of community should be to 'survive'. Now I am not thinking about the for stuff, hunt stuff survival. I'm thinking about the small 'outpost' survival. Something almost akin to what is described in SciFi books with off world missions.... Yeah... I went there.

Anyways, this might sound crazy, but I see a compound (physical size to be determined later) with a minimum of three sentries per shift and 8 hour shifts. Add to that 2 teams of 6 scouts each that forage, bring back what they find, hunt and also act as a quick reaction response force.

Then add to that cooks, quartermaster(s), medical folks and so on. Some duties can overlap but there should be an advanced medical person at the compound and a basic medic with each of the scout teams.

Numbers add up real quick don't they?

Anyways if you were to create a small community, who would you include? How big would you want the community to be? Any specific roles?
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Live where the marauders can't get to you.
If your concerned about gangs taking your food and survival preparations.

Here is an idea, it starts on the second post. The first post is a delightful read.

"THE LEATHERMAN" (This is a Wonderful Read). - Survival Forum - Off The Grid - SHTF Prepping (
Too much hypothecial drama for me. As a Born Again Bible Believing Christian...I trust God to handle our current and yet furture events to accomplish His Goals. If I need to help sure He will let me know. In a complete societal collapse us old guys are too lazy to move and the plan is to bug in..and let the bad guy devil chillins find our shooting irons hot and empty. lol.
Those who are serious would move, if anticipating dangerous environment. Few of the tens of million civilians who departed Ukraine "pre-start of war" have suffered the hell of those who remained.

The foundation of prudent prepping is to reside in a currently safe location, with abundant "FREE" food & water for the gathering (as God intended, we live).
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Sounds like the Lord has had a plan to place us in a safe spot in Texas. Near everybody packs and try to be very polite to one another. Praise the Lord!
The Bible states you should have (7) SEVEN years of food stored and available fresh-pure water available. Safest is to be well away from humans in a catastrophic SHTF event.
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