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Chimney Fire

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Nothing says "good morning!" like waking up to the stove pipe glowing red and crackling. This was the worst we've ever had and shutting it down didn't help, just had to sit by with a fire extinguisher trying not to panic. It was cleaned 7 weeks ago, for crying out loud. So, time to swap stoves and install some new pipe because we have this problem, albeit in more minor form, every year. Anyway, thought I'd share. Now might be a good time for a chimney safety overhaul if you, like me, have been putting it off.
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Long ago we had a brick chimney that ran inside the plaster walls. My brother burned a lot in winters but never cleaned the chimney since it was a 3 story house. Too much trouble I guess but getting on the roof by the chimney was very easy. He had a chimney fire violent enough that it blew the brick chimney wall out through the plaster wall on the 2nd floor.

In a SHTF scenario you will be the only chimney sweep while burning a lot of whatever wood you can easily get. Keep a chimney brush if you have a chimney. Those chemicals help reduce creosote buildup but not that much and a slow all night fire will build creosote rapidly.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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