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Chimney Fire

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Nothing says "good morning!" like waking up to the stove pipe glowing red and crackling. This was the worst we've ever had and shutting it down didn't help, just had to sit by with a fire extinguisher trying not to panic. It was cleaned 7 weeks ago, for crying out loud. So, time to swap stoves and install some new pipe because we have this problem, albeit in more minor form, every year. Anyway, thought I'd share. Now might be a good time for a chimney safety overhaul if you, like me, have been putting it off.
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Haven't cleaned my chimney in 3 years. Yes, I check it before using it in the fall and a couple times through out the year. I KNOW the reason why I don't have creosote build up is burning ONLY dry oak. Usually cut 2 years before burning and covered so the wind can blow through and dry it out.

Right now I have next years, 2014-2015, wood cut split, and stored. Fresh cut logs are stacked and ready to cut and split for 2016 maybe into 2017. Always cut in the fall not the spring when the sap is running. If your burning fresh cut wood you will have problems. Especially if you have any pine mixed in.

Also helps to open up the furnace and burn out the chimney very couple days for and hour or so. This will burn out the creosote before it builds up to much. Keeping it shut down and burning slowly is another fire just waiting to start.
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