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Chicken Tractor from old car shelter frame

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Hello friends,

After many hours of work... :glee:

Pictures: My chicken coop on wheels

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I could see where it would come in handy for some . We open the gate a let them out they free range until they are ready to come in . They always go back in on their own just before dark.
Giving some eggs away lately more than we care to eat.
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Yes I know, but chicken can destroy a kitchen garden....

See all my hobby farming projects.
Looks like a fertilizer spreader
wouldn't be hard to fabricate something like that with conduit or PVC pipe as framework ....
From the looks of the yard ,, it needs a weed wacker ,, and some TLC ,, LMAO .
Very cool. Looks like a grand prize winner. Some of the kin has spoke about building a coop from an old swing set. Never got around to do doing it that I heard..but still seems like a good idea.
DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop | The Owner-Builder Network
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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