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cheap land. no income...

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so i'm looking to make the move from an apartment to my own property. i want to eventually move to be self sufficient. start basic and move twords it as a goal. i found a deal for 5 acres of land in Colorado near Blanka Colorado for a steal of a price. but as with most of these incredibly priced land. its a great price, but nowhere near any type of employment of any kind. (both good and bad)

if i did purchase the land and move. how would i make money to improve on the property?

anyone have any suggestions on how to earn some cash in low population areas?

guardening/farming is really not the way id like to make money (besides that requires a HUGE startup cost that i don't have). i wouldn't mind having
a few things growing and going for myself. not much you can make with 5 acres anyway...

my current income is $2000 a month and expenses are currently $1000 +/-100~200 for food and gas untill the SUV is payed off (recent purchase 18 month loan) that will free up $350 a month, apartment rent is ~$360 than comes all the inshurance/power/internet etc

and obviously if i move i lose my job

any suggestions are much welcome! thanks!
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You just have to WANT IT!! If you really want to do it you can find a way.. You might not find the income you are used to but you can make it happen if ya want. I left a 6 figure income to come here to Montana.. I make 60-70% less now than I was. I started a blog and have a few advertisers that help supplement things a little but not much. I have a radio show online that starts the first of Sept. It is volunteer but I get a few minutes I can charge advertisers for airtime, so that will help a little..

It will also help when you become more self sufficient. We have our own beef,chickens for meat and eggs,sheep,hogs and about to get a few Jersey cows for dairy products. It is also almost huntin season and a few of my advertisers sent me a meat grinder,sausage stuffer and all the seasoning I can use.

Our cabin will be ready in just a few more weeks and have even had solar panels sent for review (free) for us to use and I can write about them on the blog and they will have a commercial on the air..It's not a big cabin but it will work out perfect for us! Automotive parking light Tire Sky Wheel Plant

These are just a few of the things we are working on. You just have to think outside the box and leave your comfort zone. I left a management position with several hundred employees and 2 air conditioned offices.. I am now on a 60,000 acre cattle ranch covered in cow shit most days or cut hands from stringing barbed wire. Bruised and banged up from workin cattle thru shutes and branding calves. But I wouldn't go back for anything!! You just have to WANT IT!!! And I have faith you can make it happen... I have friends back home askin if I miss my office. I tell them FU#@ No!! I have the best office in the world!! Sky Mountain Plant community Natural landscape Vegetation
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