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cheap land. no income...

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so i'm looking to make the move from an apartment to my own property. i want to eventually move to be self sufficient. start basic and move twords it as a goal. i found a deal for 5 acres of land in Colorado near Blanka Colorado for a steal of a price. but as with most of these incredibly priced land. its a great price, but nowhere near any type of employment of any kind. (both good and bad)

if i did purchase the land and move. how would i make money to improve on the property?

anyone have any suggestions on how to earn some cash in low population areas?

guardening/farming is really not the way id like to make money (besides that requires a HUGE startup cost that i don't have). i wouldn't mind having
a few things growing and going for myself. not much you can make with 5 acres anyway...

my current income is $2000 a month and expenses are currently $1000 +/-100~200 for food and gas untill the SUV is payed off (recent purchase 18 month loan) that will free up $350 a month, apartment rent is ~$360 than comes all the inshurance/power/internet etc

and obviously if i move i lose my job

any suggestions are much welcome! thanks!
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Not sure what skills you have but a lot of people tele commute these days meaning remotely working from home via their computer/skype etc

People are now starting to make money full time blogging, making money from their youtube channel (partnering with google for advertising revenue) selling books digitally via kindle etc
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