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so i'm looking to make the move from an apartment to my own property. i want to eventually move to be self sufficient. start basic and move twords it as a goal. i found a deal for 5 acres of land in Colorado near Blanka Colorado for a steal of a price. but as with most of these incredibly priced land. its a great price, but nowhere near any type of employment of any kind. (both good and bad)

if i did purchase the land and move. how would i make money to improve on the property?

anyone have any suggestions on how to earn some cash in low population areas?

guardening/farming is really not the way id like to make money (besides that requires a HUGE startup cost that i don't have). i wouldn't mind having
a few things growing and going for myself. not much you can make with 5 acres anyway...

my current income is $2000 a month and expenses are currently $1000 +/-100~200 for food and gas untill the SUV is payed off (recent purchase 18 month loan) that will free up $350 a month, apartment rent is ~$360 than comes all the inshurance/power/internet etc

and obviously if i move i lose my job

any suggestions are much welcome! thanks!

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Not sure what skills you have but a lot of people tele commute these days meaning remotely working from home via their computer/skype etc

People are now starting to make money full time blogging, making money from their youtube channel (partnering with google for advertising revenue) selling books digitally via kindle etc

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You just have to WANT IT!! If you really want to do it you can find a way.. You might not find the income you are used to but you can make it happen if ya want. I left a 6 figure income to come here to Montana.. I make 60-70% less now than I was. I started a blog and have a few advertisers that help supplement things a little but not much. I have a radio show online that starts the first of Sept. It is volunteer but I get a few minutes I can charge advertisers for airtime, so that will help a little..

It will also help when you become more self sufficient. We have our own beef,chickens for meat and eggs,sheep,hogs and about to get a few Jersey cows for dairy products. It is also almost huntin season and a few of my advertisers sent me a meat grinder,sausage stuffer and all the seasoning I can use.

Our cabin will be ready in just a few more weeks and have even had solar panels sent for review (free) for us to use and I can write about them on the blog and they will have a commercial on the air..It's not a big cabin but it will work out perfect for us! Automotive parking light Tire Sky Wheel Plant

These are just a few of the things we are working on. You just have to think outside the box and leave your comfort zone. I left a management position with several hundred employees and 2 air conditioned offices.. I am now on a 60,000 acre cattle ranch covered in cow shit most days or cut hands from stringing barbed wire. Bruised and banged up from workin cattle thru shutes and branding calves. But I wouldn't go back for anything!! You just have to WANT IT!!! And I have faith you can make it happen... I have friends back home askin if I miss my office. I tell them FU#@ No!! I have the best office in the world!! Sky Mountain Plant community Natural landscape Vegetation

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Make sure of the water situation before you decide. As i understand it, you have to have 40 acres in Colorado in order to be guaranteed a well permit. If you do have a well on less, there are strict regulations as to how much water you can use. Enough to irrigate one acre is typical. Rain catchment is iffy in the desert.

There are lots of ways to make money online, but it does require expertise in several diverse fields to be really successful. Basically, you research keywords and find a small niche that isn't saturated but gets a medium number of searches, then develop a website to exploit those search words or phrases. You would need to be good with a graphics program like Photoshop, know your way around a web editor or content management system (like Dreamweaver or Joomla) and understand web marketing, SEO, and related stuff. It takes time to get a site from unknown to popular.

Other options might include setting up a store on eBay, setting up an amazon store, or the like. This is easier to do, but you would still have to be pretty good at the marketing end to make it work.

It doesn't take a big investment to start a small scale commercial gardening business. You could talk to local restaurants and see what they would like to have but can't get locally, then grow some of that. You could try CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you sell shares, getting paid a portion up front in exchange for a share of your crops. That would be hard to do without some sort of local reputation, however.

Another idea would be to start a nursery specializing in native species.

Other than these suggestions, I guess it would be a matter of having a skill that is in demand in the area.

Good luck.

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