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Char Cloth For Sale

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Char Cloth, or Char Paper is a cotton or other natural fiber textile which has been converted by Pyrolysis, from its natural, or manufactured state, into a highly flammable, low flashpoint, but slow burning solid.

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Outerwear Product Purple Textile Sleeve
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It only takes one small spark to ignite Char Cloth!

If your lighter runs out of fuel, you can use the spark wheel to ignite the cloth.

If you are without flint or ferro rod you may use almost any glassy hard stone to create a spark from a piece of steel. Remember, it is not the stone which throws the spark, it is the steel. Always carry a carbon steel knife.

If you know how to properly gather/prepare tinder, it only takes one sheet of char cloth to start a fire.

Familiarize yourself with proper primitive fire making techniques as well as modern fire making methods.

If you're a hiker, camper, backpacker, prepper, survivalist, or adventurer char cloth is an essential item for your bug out bag, backpack, glove box, emergency kit.

Char Cloth and Fire Kits make great gifts and stocking stuffer too!

We sell char cloth sealed in waterproof packages for a reasonable price + Free Shipping - Visit our shop:
Wilderness City Shop


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Actually they are just sealed.....not vaccum yea, you get air LOL
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I think you would be surprised as to how much "AIR" we actually sell. While it is a simple process, not everyone can or for that matter, wants to make their own char cloth.
Nice to see you have a sense of humor and can cook. You might want to head over to the introduction area and tell us about yourself. Introduce Yourself The locals get restless when someone tries to peddle something and they haven't been formally introduced.
Oh I missed that....thank you!
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