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A few folks have asked what Titles I have on my CD ROMS FOR SALE? See Pic:

I have over 45 differnet titles from Weapons, Medical, Survival and Military Field manuals and MORE! Civilian as well as Military Sources are REPRESENTED! This is over 15 years of my life gathering these sources! If you see a cd or topic area ya need detailed questions about ask, I will send the Detail sheet for that CD or topic area!

Here is a Short title breakdown

2. CD C Weapons and Explosives titles and content asking - $15.00 (ALL NFA and WEAPONS LAWS APPLY)

3. CD D this is a double CD it has Both Weapons manuals and Full auto Conversions asking $25.00 (ALL WEAPONS AND NFA LAWS APPLY)

4. Body Works CD, a 3 D Dispay of the Human body, Skelital structor, venal and other 3-D looks at the human body, used in Doctor and EMT medical Training, asking $15.00

5. Ultimate medical CD - This is the Best CD I have on medical, Has many different medical manuals but best I see are the SF medical handbook, as well as the 'Where thier is no Doctor and "Where thier is no Dentist, as well as so many other critical sources, asking $20.00

6. Emergency medical - Good info on Medical Emergencies and what to do about them, asking $15.00

7. Clinical medical - Good CR rom with info on hospital and medical testing and proceedures, asking $15.00

8. Survial CD Set of 8 CD ROMS that cover all aspects of Survivcal, Mlitary as well as CIV sources as well as over sea's books, asking $15.00 each or set of 8 for $75.00 shipped to the 48 states!

9. ULTIMATE Survival CD, as in the case of the ULTIMATE MEDICAL, I have gathered my opinion the Best Survival sources and books I could find, asking $25.00

10. Pistols, Revolvers, and Subguns - detailed cd Rom with 58 Different books and manuals on those weapons, asking $15.00

11. Rifles, carbines and shotguns - detailed CD Rom with manuals on all aspects of these weapons, care, use and Maintenance is well covered, covers most modern weapons in long form, asking $15.00

12. Subguns Construction and maintenance- detailed CD ROM on most Modern and obsolete subguns (ALL NFA AND WEAPONS LAWS APPLY) asking $15.00

13. Silencers and Suppressors - Detailed CD ROM on 8 Different manuals and books on Suppressors and Silencer theory and CONSTRUCTION (all NFA AND WEAPONS LAWS APPLY) asking $15.00

14. Heavy Machine Guns and Crew Served weapons, Detailed CD ROM with manuals on all aspects of heavy Weapons and machine guns, most crew served weapons such greats as the M-2 browning Machine gun, M-60, MG43 and others, asking $15.00 (All NFA and WEAPONS LAWS APPLY)

15. Gunsmithing CD ROMS set of 15 or so CD Roms covering all aspects of Gunsmithing , repair and construction, asking $15.00 each CD or complete set for $170.00 shipped to the 48 states

16. Full Auto Conversions Only - Covers conversion to Full auto of most Common Semi-auto weapons, (ALL NFA and WEAPONS LAWS APPLY), asking $15.00

17. .223 Weapons Systems - Details CD ROMs covering most common and uncommon 223 weapoins from the AR-15/M-15 to mini-14 to AR-180 and more, asking $15.00 (All NFA and WEAPONS LAWS APPLY)

18. "Poor mans James Bond" - Detailed manuals on all sorts of fun stuff, asking $25.00 (All NFA and WEAPONS LAWS APPLY)

19. Weapons and Explosives Manuals set of 4 different CD Roms covering Use, Contstruction and Development of Fireworks to explosives and weapons, asking $15.00 each cd or set of 4 shipped for $45.00 to the 48 States, (ALL NFA and WEAPONS LAWS APPLY)

20. A.T. Series "(Advanced Technology Series) - SET of 22 different CD Roms that we used in the Peace Corps in Africa and other under developed Nations, Covers such Diverse topics as Beekeeping, Fish farming, Agro, Animal Husbandry, Blacksmithing, Solar power, Biofuels, Well and Cisterns and more, asking $12.00 each CD Rom or set of 22 Total shipped to the 48 states for $$250.00 This series was once called "What one would need to Rebuild a society if it failed"???

OK Folks that's the List, if you'd lake a detailed list of whats on each CD I will E-mail or PM you an INDEX, SET deals are possible I can Mix and match CD ROMS an and make you a Package deal! This sort of information will be harder and more restricted as time goes by! many of these CD ROMS Contains plans and Construction Methods that are RESTRICTED or LICENSE REQUIRED! DON'T DO ANY without PERMISSION OF STATE, LOCAL and FEDERAL AUTHORITIES, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Till the laws are Changed this is HOW IT IS!!!!!!!

All items sold From WV and require additional $ for shipping, DR roms sold and shipped for that $, trades accepted on Most items, ask!
Some Trade items I am looking for are:

Quality 22 LR ammo, Plated and HP especially, want standard an high Velocity like CCI Mini Mag and stinger rnds
45 acp ammo
9MM Luger ammo
12 Ga 2 3/4" slugs, buckshot or smaller shot
Scrap Silver and Gold coins
Surplus USGI/Foriegn Surplus
Night Vision EQ
AK mags 20/30/40 rnd
Cutlery, Knives, Multi-tools,
Gunsmithng screw driver set
Ask, maybe we work a deal?
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