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I've been playing with the idea of a vehicle survival kit.

One, there could be two of us in the car (or the truck). My wife and I. I don't really care about planning for anyone else. So two of us. Our dog might be with us.

Two, we live in Seattle. A big city. More than 99% of the time, whatever happens to us will happen in the city. Simply because that's where we are more than 99% of the time. So surviving a stampede of moose or a forest fire isn't really a priority.

Three, there are probably two main scenarios: we stay with the car (or truck), or we leave the car or the truck. I'd say that more than 90% of the time, we'd leave the car (or the truck.) Why would we stay with the car when something's happened? If it doesn't run, or the situation is such that we can't just drive away from whatever it is, why would we want to stay in the car? So any scenario that has us staying in the car or the in the truck means there's some reason why we can't leave, or have a town car pick us up and take us home or to the nearest Four Seasons for a nice drink and a shower.

So. Everything will assume two of us, because then any scenario where there's only one of us is covered. Everything will also assume here, in the city of Seattle. So things like starting fires, pitching tents or fishing for food are secondary or tertiary considerations. Things like communications with each other, taxis, flights the hell out of here and other flee options rise to the top of the list, as well as options for summoning help to deal with a car or a truck that no longer functions. Along those lines, no tools. I'm not going to work on a car by the side of the road, and neither is she. We'll be calling a tow truck, and having the work done.

It could be bad weather. Here in Seattle, below freezing is unusual, and a plan down to about 15 or 20 degrees Fahrenheit covers virtually all cases for the next twenty years. It's quite likely it will be raining, but it probably won't be snowing. So rain gear for two. Sufficient layers for two that will go down to about twenty degrees.

Flares seem to me like an excellent idea, because whatever has me leave the driver's seat probably means the vehicle isn't running.

So with these items, I start my list. I intend to put one such kit in both our car and our truck.

Raingear for two
2 Large (beach) towels
1 blue water container
1 tarp
1 Fenix flashlight
first aid kit
2 coats
small backpack
2.5 gallon water jug
2 MREs
extra ammo
2 lighters
toilet paper
body wipes
$200 in twenties for emergency cab fare
2 pairs wool socks

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Nice list.

If I were to apply your setup to me and my wife I would probably add light waterproof gloves for both of us and a polar fleece hat for her to go under her rain gear. I would also keep a pair of her low hikers since she is likely to be wearing something not suited to a lot of walking/keeping warm (my daily wear boots would be fine).

What I have in my bag for food is Mainstay ration bars. They handle the larger temperature swings of staying in a vehicle here in the Chicago area really well and in their sealed form are very tough. Five year shelf life and easy to eat while walking - they are kind of like a shortbread cookie, but not quite as sweet.

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My truck kit so far is a shovel, a machete, and some sand. 600 pounds of sand actually. I figure between that and my EDC, it ought to be enough for where I am driving it. If I go outside my normal boundaries I always pack a kit,

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well now you are not only being smart but technical. :vs_closedeyes: Thanks.

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I would add a fire extinguisher for your car.
Anther flashlight/ headlamp.
Walking / hiking Shoes for both unless that is all you ever wear.
Map of the city GPS is great till it does not work.
Add a nonlethal defense option - pepper spray.

I would change the large water container to bottles of sports drinks / water. something you can walk and drink same time.
Lose the flares unless you want to start a fire . Warning Triangles with flashing light works better. They sell lights with magnetic bases that you can put on top of the car it can flash or steady beam in multiple colors . You can carry it as a flash light as well .

Why the lighters? Do they not still put matches in the MRE?

I like you thinking making your kit just for what you need. Know what you will or will not do - like tools to fix a vehicle and go with that.
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