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Hey y'all,

First post so bear with me. I'm new to prepping and could use some advice on a good Bug out bag choice. First off, I have a 3 year old child that I would have to carry for as well, please try to keep this in mind. I have two packs at my disposal a "Standard backpack (from college) and a big 'ole internal frame backpacking ruck. My major concern is large capacity vs maneuverability.

The standard backpack has very comfortable straps but no buckle across the chest and no kidney pads or buckle. it has two main compartments (one with a divider (for a laptop) and two smaller compartments with many sub-compartments, plus two pockets that can hold a 1 Liter water bottle each. My best guess is that it can hold about 30-45 pounds (at least of textbooks). I have taken it at about that weight on 10 mile test hikes and only experienced mild discomfort that comes with backpacking. It is discrete, that way as I get the hell out of Dodge it doesn't look like I have a pack full of life saving gear just ripe for the taking.

the Back packing ruck is a big'un, it stands about 2.5-3 feet high one massive compartment and lots and lots of smaller ones (seriously I've had this thing since i was in the Scouts and I'm still finding new hiding spots). I i really wanted to, i could fit about 100 pounds of gear in it, however it slows me down a lot, that same 10 mile test hike took a full hour longer with much more soreness after even with the supporting kidney pads and such. It also screams survivalist which could be a bad thing.

TL : DR is it better to go for a pack that allows for greater maneuverability and speed or for one that can hold more gear but slows you down.

any advice on either would be great! Or if you have an opinion on a better bag let me know.


Not a guy named Steve
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