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Have you got your Sony Xperia UL, the camera phone with a replaceable 2300mAh battery? It is said that this phone can provide a battery for 480 hours in standby mode. Have you experienced its high capacity when you are taking photos? Does it really allow your cell phone to run a long time?

We all know that the amount of the standby time of cell phones comes from labs. The people who believe that this phone can run 480 hours in standby mode are so naive. Don't you think so? If you are not a heavy user, the capacity is really enough to keep you connected about one and a half day. However, if you use the phone frequently to take photos, you may need to charge it everyday, even twice everyday.

All the smartphones come with the smarts related to their battery life. So we have to solve the problem as possible as we can: carrying a spare battery or power bank, taking along the charger, replacing the genuine battery with an extended battery. Which methods will you choose? As far as I am concerned, for those who like photo-taking, carrying an replacement extended battery is better than other methods, because you needn't to remember to taking the heavy accessories which will occupy the room of your bag and you will not miss the beautiful scenery when you are replacing your battery. For this reason, you'd better get an extended battery. Up till now, I can only see two types of extended battery for Sony Xperia UL. Both of these BA950 batteries are from MPJ Battery. One of them holds a 3100mAh capacity and another bundled with a battery door holds a 5000mAh capacity. According to the company, the two extended battery can also be compatible with Xperia A SO-04E.

The company say that the batteries are available at their website now. You guys having the Xperia UL are so lucky that you can get these extended battery so quickly after the phone is released.
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