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Bug Out Bag vs Get Home Bag

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Hey guys,

I'm new to the prepping world. The first step that I plan on taking is building a Get Home Bag (GHB). I feel this is in my best interest because I drive 35 miles for work one way. From the research I have done, a GHB consists of enough supplies to only last a day or so, keeping the bag light and easy to carry. I believe with having such a long distance to get home (estimating at least 3-4 days to get home, based on the very hilly terrain), it would be better for me to just make my GHB as if it were a Bug Out Bag (BOB).

Anyone have any thoughts or helpful tips that might help me out on this?
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Like the OP, I will have 45 mile hike to get home it at work when TSHF. My GHB isn't as robust as the one listed. I need to keep it light enough that it doesn't slow me down. I walk a sustained pace of 4 miles per hour. I'm tall, I have a long stride. I've upped the 120 steps per minute to 135 - 140 steps per minute. I've done road marches and I've done the 100 mile Nijmegen March several times. With a walk as far as mine or the OP, I suggest looking at a map and giving yourself a Plan A and a Plan B route. Don't forget to put railroad tracks in the mix. This often cuts into the distance.

Originally, my GHB included a set of BDU's but I've since changed that. I don't want to appear to be well equipped on the trip home. I want to just be another person trying to make my way home. I have to go from Jonesboro, GA to Monroe, GA. I plan to make it home within 24 hour period. At 3 mph, I'm looking at 15 hours. I have an office in Conyers, GA which is the perfect place to get rested up and replenish water and food as it sets just over 1/2 way into the trip.

Of course, I do not have to worry about dealing with snow.
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For me, the weapon isn't even a consideration for the GHB. If my pants are on, my weapon is on my side.
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If the SHTF while I'm in a place where I can't carry my weapon, like the examples that Denver posted above, it is at least close enough that I can get it for that trip home. Georgia also has similar restrictions on where a weapon can be carried even with a CCW. Of course, my hope is that on the Get Home Trip my weapon would be unnecessary. My thoughts are that the lawlessness would come once people realized the lights weren't coming back on.
Another item that for my GHB is cash. Face it, if the electric is out there isn't going to be any ATM or credit card machines working.
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