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Bug Out Bag vs Get Home Bag

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Hey guys,

I'm new to the prepping world. The first step that I plan on taking is building a Get Home Bag (GHB). I feel this is in my best interest because I drive 35 miles for work one way. From the research I have done, a GHB consists of enough supplies to only last a day or so, keeping the bag light and easy to carry. I believe with having such a long distance to get home (estimating at least 3-4 days to get home, based on the very hilly terrain), it would be better for me to just make my GHB as if it were a Bug Out Bag (BOB).

Anyone have any thoughts or helpful tips that might help me out on this?
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My wife and I have both a GHB and a BOB and have had to use them several times already.

You seem to have the right idea about a GHB being a little smaller and lighter. I packed our BOB's first to make sure that they were ready to go. To me, that was more crucial than a GHB because I was able to use it for both purposes. Once that was done then I went on to GHB's.

For GHB's I keep food that doesn't need to be prepared so that I have the ability to eat and keep moving. However with that type of food, it doesn't necessarily have the best shelf life either. So I'm always rotating food out by either putting it in my lunches once a week, or using them as a snack on the weekends.

Some things to keep in mind for you too. You may be able to make it home in 3-4 days assuming that all goes well and you don't run into any problems/road blocks/etc. Make sure you have a couple extra routes to travel JIC. You may need to lay low for a little while and travel at night, or you may not be able to move at all for a couple days. Situations like these make knowledge more powerful than all the gear you could carry. Being able to find/make shelter, food, and heat will help save a lot of weight and allow you to adapt especially if you are alone.
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