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I think that is an AM General 5 ton six-wheel drive cargo truck, and it looks like it is in pretty decent shape. The fact that it is in desert tan paint shows it has been in service during the last few years.

These trucks can be purchased at auction directly from the government at many locations across the U.S., so you can find another for parts pretty easy. They are tough, ride Army truck, and if it is a low-hours, reasonably low-mileage unit could be worth buying (subject to what I have to warn you about, below).

However, you need to check on your state and local laws for these, and with your insurance company too. These are usually not street legal, and have to be towed to your garage/home. You may have trouble getting it registered and being able to drive it on public roads. I would definitely check on that first. You could get stuck with a truck you cannot use on the street legally.

A buddy of mine buys these at auction, fixes them up, and sells them to people to use on their private land, mostly to old ex-mil guys who have a thing for collecting military hardware.
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