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Books on American History - For Posterity

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I am looking for a few books on American History to keep, just for posterity. The way wikipedia, public school books, msm and even the dictionary keeps re-writing history, I want to have written history books in my library. I'm assuming something published pre-2000 would be best. Does anyone have any recommendations for any good books I should look for?
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I study military history, and have for about 65 years.
It is such a wide subject that I specialize in 1920-1945. I have 200 or more volumes, hardback and paperback combined.

May I suggest looking in thrift stores for encyclopedias? I scored a 22 volume 1972 set of World Book for $15. The internet and google drove them into obscurity, but a set of encyclopedias was in most homes in the 1950's and 60's when I was growing up. It's fun to grab a volume at random and start reading for 30 minutes or an hour in the evening. (We don't watch TV at our house, it rots the brain)
I'm enjoying on Kindle - Our Vietnam Wars: as told by 100 veterans who served

Short stories of ordinary and amazing people, many of whom surround us yet never talk about their contributions.
I clicked the link, and read the blurb, and saw there are a total of 4 volumes.
I'll have to order the first one to see what they are like.
I generally avoid Vietnam books, sometimes they stir things up in me.
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