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My advice would to be have enough food and water to survive 2 months and harden your existing house to survive that long.

So a large water supply on site, beans bullets and bandaids and sandbags in good defensive areas.

In 2 months your surrounding area population will be a few thousand as peopl leave and die.

After the die off/migration you can venture out and either decide to stay in place or use the mountain bike and trailer you have stored and your NVG to exit the area by night with a bug out bag.

There will be a lot of uncontrolled fires so make sure your current house is either fire proofed or away from other structures. If that is not possible know where there are empty houses or buildings in your are and bug to ne of those for the 2 months, it will require moving supplies but in the first day or 2 that may be fairly safe.
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