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These are items that some of the items I want but don't have yet, so I've made a list for essential and good items.

Clothing, summer

Camoflague pants with pockets
Camoflague jacket with pockets and hood
Sturdy hiking boots
Gloves with knuckle protection

Clothing, winter

Warm winter golves
Russian fur hat
Warm boots
Warm thick winter jacket with camoflague, pockets and hood
Warm winter pants, camoflague and without camoflague

Fire starting

Cotton balls soaked in Vaseline
Tampon, for cotton and for a lot of other uses
Disposable lighter
Zippo lighter, with fuel
Magnesium firesteel
Flint and Steel
Waterproof matches
9 volt battery
Steel wool
Magnifying glass

Water and Purification

Canteen, OD Green
Water bag
Purification tablets
Bean cans, empty for cooking/boilind food/water
Emergency Straw Filter


Canned food
Dried food
Energy bars
Fishing kit
Can opener


Glowsticks 30 of them
Hand cranked flashlight
Adjustable focus flashlight, with spare bulb in the end cap, watertight
Beta lights

Medical Equipment

SteriStrip for closing cuts
Solvaline non-adherent gauze
Jelonet for burns
Saline solution
Long free cutoff bandaid
About 15 bandaids
Sterile non-woven gauze, 2 of them
Alcohol free wipes, 6 of them
More burn pads
Potassium Iodide
Lip balm
Emergency blanket


Map of Sweden (That's where I live)


Cellphone (Nokia 1110 to be exact)
Walkie Talkie
Solar and hand cranked powered Radio with USB ports to charge cellphones and such with it
Signaling Mirror


Sewing kit
Glow in the dark duct tape
Electrical tape
Wire for electrical repairs
Soldering iron
Bits of Fabric


SAS Survival Guide
Half mask
A1 Gas filters
P3 Particle filters
Full face mask
NBC Classed filters
Aluminum foil
Sleeping bag

Defence, offence, and protection

Hunting knife
Crossbow and bolts
Mora knife
Knife sharpener

More to come!

Have a good day! //Isaac

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Respectfully, I think you are looking at 75 to 80 pounds (or more) with all that stuff in a BOB. May want to try and hike with that before you finalize your BOB.

No firearm or ammo?

30 chemlights/glow sticks?

Your clothing selections alone will fill a single backpack....

Have you tried any of this out yet? How do you carry it all?

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I know the general area of where you are influences what goes in your bag, based on climate and geography, plus personal preference. But that will be a pretty large pack. I have my medium sized ruck, plus boxes of other supplies for if I can get out with them in a vehicle. But if I have to walk out with only what I can carry, I have that bag packed with essentials and ready to go. But that's a fairly thorough list you have.

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YOu have the right idea with your list, but I would also suggest that you need to experiment with the contents and draw from each area of the list until you get a useable mixture that you can actually carry.

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I think everyone think's all the things they pack the first time are must have's. Let him pack all he wants. He will learn really quick what are needs and what are wants. I sure learned the hard way a few weeks ago taking my BOB for it's first trip. When I got back I took out about half the crap. we all have to learn some time. to be fair better to have to much to start out with than not enough. the More you use it the more you will realize what ya need.

Something I learned I needed and did not have was a good frying pan, and those that are hatters on Shovels, My Bob is getting one. totally underestimated tool.

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There is always burying it. That pretty much turns a chem light "off". If you have caves that you want to search for a reasonable BOL or midway camp you should include a roll of heavy string.

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Every OUNCE Counts! We have some similar items on our list too, but we ALWAYS make it a point to stress that a bug out bag should be weighed and tested. If you can't hike for more than an hour with the load on your back, then it is too heavy. If you want to compare, our list of recommended items is here for free download: Bug Out Bag List.

Hope this helps!

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While I am all about people needing to individualize their BOB based upon their personal situation and needs, I find myself wondering about some of the stuff on your list. How long are you planning to live off what you pack? Being a perpetual nomad OR hoping to live until you find some place to settle down? I'd consider paring the clothing list down and alter is based upon a seasonal basis - have the extra clothing at your BOL. Seems like over-kill on your fire-starting capability.

Your first aid supplies are too heavy on burn supplies that essentially are no better than ice/ice water and I'd dump those. I consider steri-strips worthless for closing cuts unless you have skin adhesive used along with it - you are better off using duct tape. Cell phone is good idea in the short run but you will need recharge capability/spare battery for continued use (assuming cell coverage exists)/ Walkie Talkie - only value is as a tool with one a few other people within a short range (though that may be why you have it in your bag).

I'd swap the glow in the dark duct tape for dark or camo duct tape because I don't like advertising my presence. Same goes for the glow sticks. Get rid of the soldering iron and electrical wire - if you are that dependent on you electronics that you want to repair might as well shelter in place and hope the infrastructure doesn't go down. Besides, if you take time to repair electronics, you are wasting time getting to where you need to go. I am curious as to why you included aluminum foil. If it is for cooking purposes, I'd dump it in favor of using primitive cooking methods.

Your mileage may vary, but those were my thoughts on your initial list.

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A bug-out-bag is a three day survival pack. It is meant to keep you alive and healthy to move from one known location to another known location where you have other supplies. If you are going to leave your home for a prolonged survival situation then you need much more than a BOB. My BOB is 15 pounds. It contains only the essentials to keep me alive for three days. There is no change of clothes - other than a couple pair of socks. I have a lightweight tarp for shelter two yard size garbage bags for rain gear, my medical kit, an aluminum plate/frying pan, 50' of para cord, some home made "trail mix" and one gallon of water. The hardware is on my belt and my rifle is in my hands or over my shoulder if I have to climb.
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