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Each has their preference.
I’ve been on bicycle, horse, atv etc etc.
My favorite, although require night travel, or cooling in hot climates would be the very under utilized dog.
They can pull 3 times there weight, carry backpacks and right temperament can be cross trained for hunting, protection, and rescue.
I use quick release clasps so if need be I could tie string release them all very quickly if need be.
The top one has well shown he could feed himself.
Until circa 1900 dog’s worked and died alongside their owners.
They even used to turn grist mills.
Edit: I did look for specific temperaments, health, behavioral traits most people avoid and put in lots of hours of training.
Dog Vertebrate Chair Dog breed Carnivore

Dog Dog breed Collar Plant Carnivore

Tire Wheel Dog Horse Photograph

Wheel Tire Outerwear Dog Photograph
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