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Better Fuel option?

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Out of curiosity, what is the better idea to store? I have fire starters that I have made and waterproofed that are very easy to make from materials around the house that normally get thrown out. Is it better to keep a bunch of these or to buy a bunch of 1# propane bottles?
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Most every store sells the little brass adapter to refill those small propane bottle from a big BBQ grill tank. And how many houses will have abandon bbq's sitting in the back yards when SHTF? I also bought a flexible hose to attach to make the process MUUUUUCH easier.

Handy EOTWAWKI Note: You know those big grey transformers at the top of telephone poles? Their filled with mineral oil.... It could just be possible a .22lr puts a pretty clean hole in one... Just saying.... ;)

Oh, good idea to have a 5 gallon bucket handy! :D That's what I heard anyway... :D
I watched somebody try to do that on TV. Better have a funnel on a stick with a long hose attached if you want to get much of it by yourself.
I say take your neighbors car and knock the pole down! :D
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neighbors got a Festiva, don't think I could get enough of a run at it.
Still fun. "Hey man, can I borrow your car real quick? Just need it ONE minute."

"Here's your keys back.... Oh THAT? Remember that time you borrowed my tree pruner and gave it back messed up? We're good!" :lol:
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