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Better Fuel option?

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Out of curiosity, what is the better idea to store? I have fire starters that I have made and waterproofed that are very easy to make from materials around the house that normally get thrown out. Is it better to keep a bunch of these or to buy a bunch of 1# propane bottles?
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I contacted Coleman years ago about how long their fuel (white gas type) would last in storage. The said if it was full, it would last about 6 years. He gave me a tip. Open the top a bit and gently squeeze the can until a bit over flows, quickly tighten the cap. Now all the air (oxygen) is gone and you could probably get 8 years out of it. Oh! Don't try it in a gas engine. Too low of octane and will damage the engine. Save the can for no lead gasoline if you have a "dual fuel" Coleman stove or lantern.
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