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Better Fuel option?

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Out of curiosity, what is the better idea to store? I have fire starters that I have made and waterproofed that are very easy to make from materials around the house that normally get thrown out. Is it better to keep a bunch of these or to buy a bunch of 1# propane bottles?
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Most every store sells the little brass adapter to refill those small propane bottle from a big BBQ grill tank. And how many houses will have abandon bbq's sitting in the back yards when SHTF? I also bought a flexible hose to attach to make the process MUUUUUCH easier.

Handy EOTWAWKI Note: You know those big grey transformers at the top of telephone poles? Their filled with mineral oil.... It could just be possible a .22lr puts a pretty clean hole in one... Just saying.... ;)

Oh, good idea to have a 5 gallon bucket handy! :D That's what I heard anyway... :D

How Transformers Can Explode - Popular Mechanics
I watched somebody try to do that on TV. Better have a funnel on a stick with a long hose attached if you want to get much of it by yourself.
I say take your neighbors car and knock the pole down! :D
neighbors got a Festiva, don't think I could get enough of a run at it.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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