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A Ruger 10/22 with an archangel light weight synthetic stock with bayonet, good scope/laser light combo, a small aluminum bipod, extended magazines with magazine doublers and suppressor with a backpack of .22 subsonic ammo. The subsonic ammo and suppressor would make very little noise .22 can do alot of damage if you get good shot placement so the scope and laser light combo for a good shot accuracy and the bipod to keep it steady. You can carry thousands of rounds of .22 and it is easy to find but when I run out of ammo I would use the bayonet. The light weight synthedic stock would hold up great and help compensate for some of the weight of the extra gear on the gun better than a heavy wooded stock. Then again I'm assuming they are typical headshot takedown zombies not the night of the living dead 2 and 3 unkillable zombies
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