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I have 2 myself. A red heeler and a blue heeler. They are both very quiet and only bark if they see something strange on the property. They are inside dogs but spend a ton of time outside workin cows and on the ranch with us. The the blue is a female and just had pups less than a week ago so she is down for a little while. Anyone in Montana look for heelers, let me know. There are 5 males and 1 female..

A "good" watchdog is just one that lets you know there is something not right. I hear people say that they have pit bulls,rottweilers and dobies that are mean and great for guard dogs.. Personally, all I need is my Walther P-22 with a can on it and some short rifle rounds or some Rompun and the dogs are out for the count..
The wife wants to move to Montana!:) If we were there I'd take tye female off your hands!:) mate her with my Red and see what kinda colors came out!:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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