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I love my fs 92, its my favorite gun. I take it everywhere. i did an upgrade on the grips!
the boys love it, and i love it. its just sexy, sure like my other guns, but my beretta is pure love.
eats factory reloads beautifully. youll need to pry this from my cold dead hands. My kids jock me for it all the time. they need to get their own, but when we go to the club, they dont bother with their guns, they both reach for the fs92. i can wait to get the px4. fap!fap!fap!

my favorite to holster because of the double single action. just everything about it is super... and when i have to holster my m&p 9mm (back country riding where 10 rounds may not be enough)- i use 40 cal mags so i can put 13 rounds (of 9mm) in instead of the california standard of 10 rounds.- just a tip-

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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