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I myself love a few beers at the right time and place. I Have thought long and hard about when SHTF if I would even want to drink alchohol as it can dull the senses and maybe make my aim suffer. Well after doing some experimentation my aim actually got better after a few(3) beers. Now I didn't want to risk shooting while drunk I stopped shooting after 3. So now that I am sure it won't affect my survival I have learned to brew my own beer and will keep at least 5 kits on hand for quick brewing. I am also going to stock some bulk grains and brewing supplies for when those run out. Here is a great site to find every thing you need for beer and wine production. These will also be great bartering tools. ... hwodYwueZA

This is where I bought my supplies. Very nice people and very helpful. I have no affiliation. Just have had real good service and great prices.
Hope this is helpful for my beer drinking Prepper friends. :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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