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Bath Salts and Zombies

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from an Ohio Fusion Center Report: Bath Salts and Officer Safety

(U//FOUO) Ohio Fusion Center Report: Bath Salts and Officer Safety | Public Intelligence

BTW ,PI's homepage has lots of other articles that may be of interest.
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Anyone heard about the most recent Zombie attack in Florida?
Yea, supposedly the perp was on top of a families roof butt naked and as the father and son went outside to get him down, he jumped off and ran inside their house. They went inside to get him out and he bit one of them in the stomach tearing a chunk out permanently disfiguring him. Once the police showed up, he bit one in the leg, while it took around 5 officers to subdue him with a taser. I believe that he was a 22 year old, white male. Naked Man Jumps From Roof, Bites Other Man's Stomach: Cops | NBC 6 South Florida
Bath salts are bad juu-juu. My wife is a probation officer so she gets to see the dregs of our county on a daily basis. They are currently working on studies of the effects of bath salts on addicts, so far the conclusion is it eats up brain cells at an enormous rate each time it is used. Even hardcore meth monkeys are scared of the stuff it has caused several should i say....odd arrest situations in our area.
Very scary stuff! Makes you think
Florida seems like ground zero for about half of this stuff. I'm going to have to bug out soon!!!
lol...Bath salts are like heroine times 100. Sick mother f*ckers lol
That's crazy! How do people stumble across bath salts and figure out you can get high on it?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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