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Just like Preppingmomof2insc was mentioning, how does one prep for special situations (Infant/Toddler 0-3 years)?

I say we generate some ideas and get a list going of some important needs (not wants).

Some things come to mind:

-Cloth diapers, regular diapers will be very expensive and take up a lot of space. Be prepared to do a lot of washing though. Need to figure out how often you would get a chance to wash vs how many times baby goes to the potty. Usually 7-10 times per day.
-Baby wipes (do not leave in sun, they dry out)
-Powdered formula (Once opened, use within 30 days). When at store, get cans that are in the way back of the shelf for better dates.
-Sterile water. If you self steriltize, make SURE the water is cooled down.
-Baby Bottles and nipples.
-Themometers (this is a biggie cause kids get sick ALL the time). Get a few that take batteries and some that don't take them.
-Vaporizer (Homemade). For doing this homemade version, put a little of salt in a cooking pot, set it near the fireplace for it to steam (Keep other small children away from this so they will not burn themselves). This method would loosen up any type of flem.
-For croup cough, if at the right time, usually at night this is when kids get sick the most for some odd reason. A drive in the car with the windows down will loosen up the croupy cough.
-Blub Syringes
-Lotion (be careful, I've read that some lotions tend to attract bacteria though)
-Teething pacifiers
-baby nail clippers

I would suggest making a BBOB "Baby Bug Out Bag" with some or all of these items along with your personal bug out bag.

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Thanks for starting this post. I like what you have listed so far. Other things I would add to that are
*a lovey (most kids have one or a favorite stuffed animal)
*a pacifier clip (so you don't lose it)
*baby Tylenol or Motrin
*books (things that are small that can entertain)
*clothes for different types of weather
*baby shoes
*aveeno lotion is typically a safe lotion to use and my pediatrician recommends it.
*small single serving boxes of Cheerios (most kids love these)
*4 oz. bottles of gerber baby juice (you can dilute it to make it last)

Those are a few things I have come up with. Thanks again for starting this thread!!
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