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Has anyone ordered from Azure Standard? I just placed my first order and can't wait to pick it up. They specialize in organic and natural bulk foods and you can get food from pretty much every department and at good prices.

I've found the processed food is often more expensive than from my local store but it's really a case by case basis. The rice cakes we like are $1 cheaper through AS than the store, while the Clif bars are about $.50 more.

I've been paying $1.08/lb for conventional steel cut oats at the store and AS has organic for $.90!!

The produce is really well priced too. On sale here, organic grapes are $3.48. Azure has them for $3/lb.

You do have to have a minimum of $50 and there has to be a local drop point in your area. Orders go out once a month on a truck. I think it's mostly on the west coast but I'm not entirely sure.

No affiliation here, just a great company and a good source for organic/natural foods. Azure Standard | Bulk & Organic Food Delivery | Bulk & Organic Food Online
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