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atlatl's anyone?

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ok so i hope i put this in the right section. newbie on here but i dont see anything about them on here so far so thought i'd bring em up.

Making an Atlatl From a Branch

Other Types of Atlatls: Loop, Fork and Cord

The Split and Wedge Atlatl

Quick arrow and atlatl dart fletch with duct tape

Atlatl Dart Tuning

i made a few. i'm not very good at it yet and i cant aim for nothin. i cant throw a ball ten feet but with my atlatls i can get a dart about 40 yards but i never measured.

here is link to pics of ones i made: atlatls Photos by ohiogoatgirl | Photobucket
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walks with goats- thats awesome, thanks for the pics. I appluad you. I know only what I have seen on t.v. about atlatles, and you mentioned you are not accurate yet,but im sure its just a matter of practise and time, and you seem determined.
Poster didn't say "she was betting her life on using an atlatle to hunt and defend herself", she is merely passing on great information about a primative but very effective skill. And the purpose of her post is to see if anyone else is using one, I know I read a post last month on another lady that was wanting to actually legally take game with one. A blowgun is no match for a 50 BAR, but we still like shooting blowguns.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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