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atlatl's anyone?

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ok so i hope i put this in the right section. newbie on here but i dont see anything about them on here so far so thought i'd bring em up.

Making an Atlatl From a Branch

Other Types of Atlatls: Loop, Fork and Cord

The Split and Wedge Atlatl

Quick arrow and atlatl dart fletch with duct tape

Atlatl Dart Tuning

i made a few. i'm not very good at it yet and i cant aim for nothin. i cant throw a ball ten feet but with my atlatls i can get a dart about 40 yards but i never measured.

here is link to pics of ones i made: atlatls Photos by ohiogoatgirl | Photobucket
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I'm biting my tongue

We don't live in the dark ages,

here is a weapon for those times

What is the reason for your post?

It is like bringing a spit wad to an atomic bomb fight, not sure what the purpose is.
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