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atlatl's anyone?

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ok so i hope i put this in the right section. newbie on here but i dont see anything about them on here so far so thought i'd bring em up.

Making an Atlatl From a Branch

Other Types of Atlatls: Loop, Fork and Cord

The Split and Wedge Atlatl

Quick arrow and atlatl dart fletch with duct tape

Atlatl Dart Tuning

i made a few. i'm not very good at it yet and i cant aim for nothin. i cant throw a ball ten feet but with my atlatls i can get a dart about 40 yards but i never measured.

here is link to pics of ones i made: atlatls Photos by ohiogoatgirl | Photobucket
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atlatls are the bow and arrow's predicessor (sp?). mammoths, elk, buffalo,moose, etc were all taken down with atlatls.

i'm not saying a sling shot is not a good weapon. it is. i just think there isnt going to be one weapon good for every possible hunting/killing/defense aspect.

my darts are work in progress. i havent been able to make larger ones of actual hunting size. current ones are about 4ft with target tips.
actual hunting darts should be about 8ft with arrowheads, etc. tips.
playlist of good atlatl videos: atlatl - YouTube

@ inceptor
decent video. though i would sort of point the peg. i would not glue the feathers on like that at all, i admit i laughed at that part.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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