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You're either "law enforcement" or you're a bench warmer waiting for your pension to vest.
I only have respect for one of those.
If you don't feel you can do the job, find a different job.
I'll stand by my position that if someone is unwilling to fulfill the role they were hired to do, they should find a different line of work.
You can continue to enjoy using whatever vernacular you wish, but I'm going to stick with layman terms.
Honestly I am afraid to touch on this subject with a ten foot poll.

Kauboy, this may not apply to you so plz bare with me;
I spent almost 2 hours watching a judge, DA, & two lawyers arguing about specific sections of the law, and in particular, the wording and specific terms or words used. In fact the judge made a comment of how he even noticed that the word "Shall" would be used, as if someone just mentioned the secret code that lets you get into the unground Poker game.

In college I also watched as students, math majors and physics majors, were speaking about the exact same thing, but just didn't know it. The terminology, variables (how they are named). One field may call it Joules, another Wattage, or even Power.

The relevance is the ambiguity of the word "Persuit" which may for a law enforcement officer to have a particular series of protocols associated with the word. Or, I could be wrong, but regardless, making sure that everyone is on the same page and everyone understands specifically what we are talking about, maybe clarification is needed.

With regard to officers, hey there are good people in this world and bad, those that sit on their rump and those that are on the front line, and there are people in between. This goes for every profession.

I called the police station to report a crime, (this was just after a few months after those rioting for the guy that was suffocated by a white cop putting his knee on his neck) , mind you by this point there was unrest at the station, people resigning, etc., & the officer that answered the phone after hearing about me saying someone's breaking into 6 garages in my development, said to me "DO you think I care.. Do you think we give a damn" and then he hung up.

I watched as an officer drove without signaling on a highway, riding in 2 lanes, the upcoming entrance ramp for people entering the highway, and the actual lane as he was passing this entrance, he narrowly missed a car coming in (this is one of those full circle turns so you dont see the highway until you completed the turn) and instead of waving to say sorry, he pulls the guy over and gives him a ticket...

I value & respect the uniform( the police), just like i do the men and women that serve our country in the military. But we are talking about the human race, not all of them are good, not all of them do their job NMPRM
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