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At Least It's Not Shoes and Purses

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I won't say how much I've been spending on preps, but I've been a little gung-ho about it these days. Got paid today, bought two books, a good pressure cooker and the hand pump for the well. I've already allocated all the rest of this check, just haven't gotten to spending it yet. Like I tell my husband, at least it's not shoes and purses! ;)

Do any of you get in trouble with your significant others for how much you spend getting geared up?
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That's cool that you take care of the finances. A nice burden off of her I bet!
She hasn't complained since I chained her to a beam down in the basement. That reminds me... I need to go feed her. :)
Better make it chocolate and hope she doesn't turn out like the guy whose name I forget from Lisey's Story. Chocolate makes everything better!
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Mrs Inor complain about spending money on preps? Not in a million years. Just last night I suggested we should buy ourselves a couple luxury items for our anniversary that is coming up in a few weeks, thinking women want luxury stuff for sentimental days like anniversaries. When I called home over lunch today, she admonished me and said the money would be put to better use buying more guns and ammo. That's my girl! :)
Mrs. Inor is an awesome woman!
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That sounds dangerous, how big is that pressure cooker?:-?
Not nearly large enough! o_O
If Momma ain't happy, ain't no one happy.
Wise man.
but her self-defense mechanism has her wired up to just not think about it and ignore it - geez, that bugs me...
She's got you to do that for her!

But whats wrong with women buying sexy shoes?!? :D
They're so horridly impractical! Plus, have you seen the prices of shoes these days?! Gack!
What's wrong with hiking shoes & a new purse with built in holster? LOL
Now that I can get behind! Well, except, gun purses are HUGE! Like, Mary Poppins huge.

I beg to differ. What CAN'T these get you?!?
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Want my food? gun? car? house? Duhhhh, OK! :lol:
:D A backache, too! Then again, you can just have minions carry you around when your feet hurt. ;)
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There's also that "pretty in pink thing that women do!" sorry, just had to say it. :twisted:
:lol: I thought of you when I was outside just now shooting with my new arrows. The pink ones are called "Pink Lady" and apparently they're about as sturdy as the fragile hothouse flowers some men think we are. Fletching tore off of one after 3 shots! :mad: You win. Pink sucks. :D Well, except hair. I wanted pink highlights, but not for "awareness" and now everyone's doing it so I can't. Ho hum.
Did you buy a backpack at the same time? If so, expect the guys in the black Suburbans to come visit.
Nope, just some mundane fertilizer and stuff...
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