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At Least It's Not Shoes and Purses

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I won't say how much I've been spending on preps, but I've been a little gung-ho about it these days. Got paid today, bought two books, a good pressure cooker and the hand pump for the well. I've already allocated all the rest of this check, just haven't gotten to spending it yet. Like I tell my husband, at least it's not shoes and purses! ;)

Do any of you get in trouble with your significant others for how much you spend getting geared up?
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After 43 years of marriage she knows that I’m going to do whatever I think is best. She also knows that I will not do anything that will effect our life style without talking to her first.

I prep to live not live to prep!
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Being married is what allow us to get to the point we don't have to worry about spending a few bucks on a 1000's rounds or a new weapon.
If I had stayed single I would likely be limited to a 25 dollar shot gun and 1 box of shells.
Agree, behind a successful man is a good woman
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