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"Assault Rifle"

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Calling a semi-auto an "assault rifle" is tantamount to calling my Toyota a race car just because I put a number on the door. Be that as it may, a 20 year old takes an AK to a school and the following story makes front page news across the nation:

20-year-old charged in Ga. school shooting

WSB says the incident will provide chances to discuss ways of preventing guns being so prevalent in our society... a euphemism for let's talk gun control.

We won't mention the fact that this kid was on a schedule of drugs called SSRIs. We won't stop and mention the fact that every time a shooter shoots three or more people they are ALWAYS on SSRIs. No, we're going to figure out a way that we can disarm America and make this country safe for the government to continue dispensing "legal" drugs and creating an entire generation of zombies.
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It's another fine example of a person not in possession of their faculties illegally obtains a gun and people like me are to blame. Because he went off the deep end I'm going to be the one under attack.
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