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"Assault Rifle"

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Calling a semi-auto an "assault rifle" is tantamount to calling my Toyota a race car just because I put a number on the door. Be that as it may, a 20 year old takes an AK to a school and the following story makes front page news across the nation:

20-year-old charged in Ga. school shooting

WSB says the incident will provide chances to discuss ways of preventing guns being so prevalent in our society... a euphemism for let's talk gun control.

We won't mention the fact that this kid was on a schedule of drugs called SSRIs. We won't stop and mention the fact that every time a shooter shoots three or more people they are ALWAYS on SSRIs. No, we're going to figure out a way that we can disarm America and make this country safe for the government to continue dispensing "legal" drugs and creating an entire generation of zombies.
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In the article it says one of the charges he was arrested on was arrested on was Exfelon in possession of a firearm. Gee didn't he know that's against the law. The idiot solution disarm us so the whack jobs murder with less hindrance be it with an illegally possessed firearm, hammer or simply pushing some one in front of a train.
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