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Arpaio's new thing

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Gotta love Sheriff Arpaio.. He is nolw going to vegetarian only menu for all inmates.. This is how is should be! They should make them as uncomfortable as possible so they will want to stay as far away from jail as possible. Now it is even better than their homes for a lot of them. They get three meals, a place to live, free medical care and even cable television. They even have friends and family to hang out with while they are there for a bunch of them..

I know I would go apeshit if I had to only eat vegetarian meals...
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I bet his county has the lowest number of illegal immigrants and crack heads in the state.
I bet there wont be any fat guys in there 6 months from now.. The ones there now will have lost some poundage and the others will want to stay away..
I bet his county has the lowest number of illegal immigrants and crack heads in the state.
No it's one of the highest
To some Sherriff Joe, as we call him up here in the four corners, is a Hero. Controversial, hardnosed, take no bullshit, and always willing to jump to fight. I have heard allegations of misconduct, and some things, but when you rattle as many cages as he has, someone is gonna scream out that you have done something wrong.
I have followed his actions, not closely, but I do agree with the things he has done.
Some of the things I've read-
started a program where "good inmates" get to run the "pound".
started gardening.
started tent city- where inmates are outside..
uses inmates for maintanance.
uses inmates for "chaingang duty"
these are just some off the top of my head..
He is very vocal about the immigration situation..
Damn good reading..
How do you feel about inmates rights?
Shawshank redemption, Brubaker, American Me..
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I liked his interview comments that if our troops can sleep in tents in 130F heat and work and eat MREs then certainly prisoners can live as frugally.
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The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) converted their hamburger over to a soy based protien years ago. It kept the inmates from bulking up in the yard too much. They also had a healthier population (not healthY just healthiER). Some think it was punishment for losing Riuz v State of Texas where prisoners rights were challenged and increased greatly.

I think it is a fantastic idea. I think they should let some human rights loving, cheeba toking, free love California hippie health expert coordinate a vegan diet and replace lifting weights with yoga. Keep them out of the sunlight to protect their fragile skin from the evil cancerous rays of the sun (ok, they get an hour near dawn and sunset) and they have to learn a trade like masonry or auto mechanics. Churn out some one who has a desire not to return and a means to stay out.
Give them seeds, and tools to work the ground in their current play yard. Wait 6 months, and cut them off from outside food sources.

Break all the shovels over each others heads? To lazy to plant and tend the crops? It'll work it's self out.
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I know I'd go bat shit crazy without meat. I'm a meat eater through and through, but think it's an excellent idea for them. Why the hell should we make it comfortable for them. Throughout history many prisons were pits of torment and torture with soup, and/or bread and water as food. Take away their weights too. You don't need prisoners gaining muscle size through weight training. Let them gain it or use it through cleaning the streets, plowing fields, planting crops and trees. Them working fields for their own food is an excellent idea and money saver.
The President and First Lady should be thrilled that Sheriff Joe making all of his prisoners into vegans. I mean this is exactly what they want to do to the rest of us and we have not even been convicted of a crime. Isn't it the First Lady who is spending ridiculous amounts of our money flying all over the country trying to get every school to make the kids into vegan hippies? And I cannot think of any better "shovel ready job" than making the prisoners dig a bunch of additional latrines that they are going to need to handle their new vegan diet.

So if you think about it, Sheriff Joe is just implementing the exact policies with his prisoners that Obama is promoting for all of us.
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I also read that he wants to charge prisoners $1 a day for the food, his reasoning being that they used to have to pay, and all of us have to pay for our food. That money would come out of whatever cash they have on hand at the time they're brought to prison, plus a prison bank account that family can out money into so you can purchase extra snacks. He said they should have to pay for their meals before going to buy chocolate bars. Prisoners who couldn't pay would still be fed, of course. I hope that can be implemented, why should they get free meals, even if they are vegetarian :)
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