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It was said when the new leader of N. Korea took over that he will flex his muscles to prove he is in charge and solidify his position. We knew he would attack some where.

I have no faith in Obama that he will retaliate if our troops are under fire so this is a very scary time for the U.S. If N. Korea attacks S. Korea, our troops will be in harms way. Obama will go golfing or take another vacation, sending a signal to the rest of the world that America is now open game.

However, If N. Korea sets off a nuke in S. Korea and we do retaliate in kind. Who will have to pay the clean up of not just our nuke but also N. Korea's? That's right, good old U.S.A will foot the bill for all of it and we can't afford it. The fall out (not the political, the radiological) will be so spread out, all of the orient including Japan will be in danger. With how much Obama put us in debt sofar, just wait till this happens.

I agree something has to be done but it is a sticky situation.
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